I wish for you a life...

wild songs
I wish for you a life where your blood sings
with the voice of an eager, wild thing.
With a voice that says I am here
& in this short time,
this is the song I sing
because I can.
- storypeople

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Rev James Glover...

Rev James Glover rests at Cranbourne cemetery, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne...
In 1861 the Reverend James Glover held the first service in the new St Peter's church at Mornington, though the church was not consecrated until 1877.
(Mornington is a bayside suburb on the Mornington Peninsula).
The Reverend had oversight of the Parochial District from Frankston to Portsea, where Dromana was served only once every six weeks.
It is interesting that this minister is associated with an Anglican church in both Mornington and Creswick, near Ballarat,
(only the latter mentioned on his headstone)
and yet is resting at Cranbourne ???...

An excerpt from Trove  10.1.1884:
We understand that the bishop has associated the Rev. J. Glover, Vicar of St. John's, Creswick, with himself in the charge of Christ Church Pro-Cathedral for the present, pending the arrival of the new vicar. Mr Glover will commence his duties after next Sunday.. Our Creswick correspondent writes:—“ Referring to my paragraph of yesterday, stating that the Rev. James Glover, Incumbent of St. John’s Church; Creswick, had been requested to take charge of Christ Church Pro-Cathedral, pending the arrival of the new vicar from England,

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