I wish for you a life...

wild songs
I wish for you a life where your blood sings
with the voice of an eager, wild thing.
With a voice that says I am here
& in this short time,
this is the song I sing
because I can.
- storypeople


Dear Esther,
It is with great sadness and joy that I needed to write and express everything in my heart.
I heard of the tragic accident that took you from the world. My heart weeps yet my spirit was uplifted and inspired by all that you achieved. I feel very humbled to have shared in your life's story.
Esther, you are and will be the most courageous, loving, caring and dedicated soul it has been my privilege to know despite the distance. You are truly one of God's chosen disciples, a younger Mother Theresa.
Very few in worldly terms know of your work. You achieved much adoration, admiration, inspiration and love of many thousands. You sacrificed yourself needs for those of others in need, a true vocation that showed a selfless approach. Your legacy will live on for generations. It is so hard to express how much you were loved and appreciated.
Many have passed on doing humanitarian work (I prefer to say doing God's Will), as you would know.
You have touched the lives of so many in your years in Edenland, and also inspired and helped many across the world in your own quiet but vibrant way.
You are now residing in the Eden God promised, which makes me joyful. In fact, it was when I heard that you had crossed life's bridge that you had fulfilled what the scriptures had written.
To expand on that, may I just take a few lines to explain.
When Jesus was with his disciples he told them to follow God's will at the expense of everything else, saying to them " I am not here to be served but to serve" which you have.
Secondly, on the night before he was to be crucified , one of his disciples asked " what signs will we get before the second coming?" of course he predicted wars, earthquakes, famine, but most important was what he said later, " There will be great tribulation and God will intervene and show himself to all Nations. He will put the sheep on right side and the goats on his left. He will say to the sheep " You are blessed and will inherit the earth (the new Eden) for you fed me when I was hungry, you sheltered me when I was homeless, you cared for me when I was sick... The sheep said " Father we never saw you... God replied "You did when you did all that for the least of my children."
He turned to the goats and condemned them to eternal punishment. They asked why.. God replied "Because you never fed me when I hungry, or gave me shelter when homeless, cared for me when sick." They too said "We never saw you." to which he said "When you ignored the least of my children you ignored me."
Esther, you truly have riches beyond anything that one can imagine.
May the good work of the EDEN FOUNDATION LIVE ON.
Most Humbly Yours ... Peter .
                                Posted by Gemma Wiseman for my friend Peter Facebook Saturday 8.8.15

Esther Garvi was a light that shined beyond the dimness of doubt that one person can truly make a difference in this world. Her tireless efforts with the Eden Foundation and The Bettan Garvi Education Foundation will live beyond her short stay on earth. My heart aches for the countless people who are left behind that have been touched by her kind heart and dedication. Esther was one of the good ones and for me her greatest legacy goes beyond ensuring education and opportunity for the children of Bettan Garvi Foundation (which is no small task) it was providing the nurturing environment for children to learn, discover, and grow through play in her home to expand the horizons of those children. This is something that cannot be taken for granted in Niger. Esther you will be forever missed but you will never be forgotten by the people you have touched around the world. Rest peacefully. And as you always signed off...hugs from America
- James Preuss-Morrison  Facebook Saturday 8.8.15

Dearest Esther...
You shared your beautiful soul with so many of us round the world. Even though we may not have met you in person, we walked with you in your world. You gave us the gift of seeing the birth of hope, courage and vision in what could be a desert wasteland. What an inspiration. It can be done. 
Thank you so much for sharing your smile...
We will not forget...
Fly dear lady with the angels...
We are sure you continue to watch over us...
We feel your spirit...
- Gemma Wiseman Facebook 7.8.15

Esther's song. My sister always felt a special connection to its words and the story behind it. To follow one's heart, even when it is aching or shaking... Miriam Garvi - Facebook 13.8.15

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