I wish for you a life...

wild songs
I wish for you a life where your blood sings
with the voice of an eager, wild thing.
With a voice that says I am here
& in this short time,
this is the song I sing
because I can.
- storypeople

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Sierra Nevada...

memorial grave at Sorrento cemetery for Captain John Scott and seamen...
They were sailing from Liverpool to Melbourne in the cargo ship Sierra Nevada 
which was wrecked on London Bridge rocks, Portsea Back Beach...9th May 1900...
The ship drifted ashore while waiting for a pilot.
The anchors were let go, but these did not hold.
The vessel broke up within half an hour in the rough sea, drowning 23 of the 28 crew.
Sierra Nevada is one of five iron-hulled trading vessels
wrecked in and around Port Phillip between 1883 and 1900.
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